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Mattress Zen bobochic

Inhale, Exhale, Sleep 140x190 cm : 399€ 160x200 cm : 479€

Discover the heart of our mattress

The expertise of BUT The dynamism of BOBOCHIC

First network of stores dedicated to the development and equipment of the House, BUT is the brand known to everyone to embellish its interior! Since there are several lifestyles, BUT selects a wide range of products that look like you. Because "our source of inspiration is you", BUT declines quality interior styles at the best prices.

Furniture manufacturer with its "French Touch", BOBOCHIC combines with panache furniture with contemporary design, comfortable and functional! Of course, everything is studied to offer you fair prices!

Try it and take it directly !

Expert BUT bedding expert
Transport Easy to carry thanks to its cardboard
More than 200 stores Test in the largest furniture store of France
Warranty 5 year warranty
Available IN MORE THAN 200 stores
Piece of cake!
Easy opening ! Did you see how easy I am to unpack ?!
See the unpacking